Deco 79 Metal Bronze Stool, 20 by 14-Inch/Visit the Deco 79 Store

Deco 79 Metal Bronze Stool, 20 by 14-Inch31333 Metal Bronze Stool Is The Best Option For Sitting Capacity Upgrade At Any Place. If You Are Left With Small Space In Your Room Or Working Office, It Is An Excellent Multipurpose Furniture Upgrade. The Design Of This Unique Styled Metal Stool Is Inspired With Two Geometric Figures- Half Sphere And Cone. It Is Designed With Half Sphere Shaped Top Seat And Flat Cone Shaped Base. The Edges Are Smoothened For Comfortable Sitting. The Height Of This Well Balanced Stool Is Perfect For Long Hours Comfortable Sitting. The Knurling Spots All Over Its Body Make It Attractive. Because Of Being Made Of All Metal, This Bronze Stool Can Be Used Outdoor Also In Porches, Garden And Terrace Etc.

Deco 79 Metal Bronze Stool, 20 by 14-Inch
  1. Material: Leather
  2. No assembly required
  3. Country of Origin: India
  4. Item Weight: 1.0 lb

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