FURINNO Set of 2, Universal Headboard Bracket, Black/Visit the Furinno Store

FURINNO Set of 2, Universal Headboard Bracket, BlackFURINNO headboard bracket gives you and your existing bed frame The choice of attaching any headboard whenever you feel like it. They provide a good hold and secure bed frames and headboards of matching sizes. FURINNO headboard bracket comes in a set of 2 and they are made of metal that are tested for strength, durability and sturdiness. Their sizes are universal which fit any sizes of bed frames and headboards. They are compatible with all FURINNO bed frames and FURINNO headboards. All hardware required for securing the bed frame and headboard are provided. Care instructions: wipe clean with clean damped cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Pictures are for illustration purpose. All decor items are not included in this offer.

FURINNO Set of 2, Universal Headboard Bracket, Black
  1. Universal design fits all sizes
  2. Metal construction provides strong support and durability
  3. Comes in set of 2
  4. Multiple screw slots for different sizes of headboards
  5. Compatible with all Furinno bed frames and Furinno headboard

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