Sleep On Latex Mattress Topper Cover – 3 Inch Twin (Cover Only)/Sleep On Latex

Sleep On Latex Mattress Topper Cover – 3 Inch Twin (Cover Only)Size:3″ TwinThese covers are proudly sewn in our Chicago factory! The cover completely encases the topper, adding an extra layer of protection. The knit cotton fabric top provides a soft and luxurious feel. The cover is made with two separate pieces of fabric. The top piece covers the top and sides and is made with knit fabric (80% organic cotton, 20% polyester). The bottom is made with a sturdy 100% organic cotton twill fabric. These two pieces zip together around the bottom edge of the cover. The top piece is machine washable in cold water, but the bottom piece is dry clean only. Please note that this listing is only for the mattress topper cover. It is just a fabric case and does not contain any foam or mattress topper. These covers may work with other mattress toppers but are made specifically for Sleep On Latex mattress toppers.

Sleep On Latex Mattress Topper Cover – 3 Inch Twin (Cover Only)
  1. 80% Organic Cotton, 20% Polyester
  2. Please Note: This Listing is Only for the Mattress Topper Cover (No Foam Included)
  3. Designed for Sleep On Latex Mattress Toppers
  4. Knit Fabric Top (80% Organic Cotton, 20% Polyester)
  5. Twill Bottom (100% Organic Cotton)
  6. Top Piece: Machine Wash Cold, Bottom Piece: Dry Clean Only

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