Wolf Journey RV Bed Mattress, Cot, Natural/WOLF

Wolf Journey RV Bed Mattress, Cot, NaturalWolf Corporation has been creating Sweet Dreams Since 1873! Leave it to the maker of one of the world’s best mattresses to introduce a new level of comfort in its RV bunk mattresses! Wolf’s RV bunk mattresses feature Cottonique, the result of a revolutionary process that Wolf’s own fiber division took years to develop. Cottonique combines selected grades of cotton with polyester fibers for a unique, durable upholstery blend that outperforms and outlasts traditional cotton batting. As a result, Wolf’s RV bunks are more resilient, more comfortable-yet surprisingly light. Combined with a core of Wolf’s own bonded poly pad, a foam replacemnt pad, Wolf’s RV bunks provide a new level of both support and comfort. Wolf’s RV mattresses are tufted for stability. All of our RV bunk mattresses can be compressed, rolled, boxed and shipped for easy, less costly shipping and easy installation! Every Wolf RV Bunk Mattress meets all 16 CFR part 1633 fire standards. Proud to say Made in the USA!

Wolf Journey RV Bed Mattress, Cot, Natural
  1. Filled with Wolf’s bonded fiber pad and Cottonique fiber
  2. Cottonique is Wolf’s own cotton/poly fiber blend
  3. More resilient, more comfortable than foam and very light
  4. Meets CFR 1633 fire standards
  5. Proud to say Made in the USA!

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